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Dr. Mousavi Hospital has been established as a private day clinic by Dr. Seyed Hashem Mousavi in 1995. There has been continuous investment to improve organization's structure to enhance our quality of service and responsiveness. The center has been developed to general hospital in response to increase demand for complete service in health care in 2010.


What we offer:

We offer wide variety of solutions in different specialities to cater for the needs o our clients in our clinical center and speciality treatment departments.


Our specialists:

Health care professionals offer their services in different specialities including:

  • Orthopedic
  • General surgery
  • Internal medicine
  • Urology
  • Otolaryngology
  • Cardiology
  • Neurology
  • Ophthalmology
  • Pulmonology
  • Radiology


Treatment Department:

  • Emergency
  • Surgical department with 6 specialized operation rooms
  • Internal medicine department
  • Intensive care units (ICU)
  • CCU


Clinical Center:

  • Imaging department
  • Laboratory
  • Endoscopy and Colonoscopy department
  • Physiotherapy
  • Echo test and exercise stress test
  • Drugstore


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