Hospital Regulations

10/20/2022 | 305

1- We would highly appreciate your effort in keeping the hospital as clean as possible.

2- High standard of hygiene is crucial for patients' safety and recovery.

3- Visiting hours are as follows:

  • General wards 16:00 - 18:00
  • ICU-CCU 16:00- 17:00

4- Please obtain a special outfit from the hospital drugstore for the period of your stay.

5- Medication of patience without consultation of our specialists and nurses is prohibited.

6- We strongly advise you not to tamper with any medical devices that are attached to your  patients.  These devices regulate and monitor medication or life-critical systems.

7- We strongly advise you not to visit your patients if you are suffering from any contagious and communicable diseases.

8- Smoking is prohibited

9- We strongly advise you not to physically contact your patients such as hugging at your visit as it might hurt patients physically and increase the risk of disease transmission.

10- It is required to inform us of your patient contagious disease before admission.

11- Please care of your hand's hygiene and try to wash them at regular intervals and keep them clean.

12- Yellow bin is for waste with patients' discharges and the blue bin is for domestic waste.

13- Please seek advice from our specialists and nurses with regard to the medication of your patients.

14- Please only contact the wards with regard to important matters from 10 pm to 8 am as it helps our healthcare team to establish a calmer and more restful environment for our patients at the time they need it most.

15- We would appreciate it if you could speak quietly in the hospital as it is important for us to keep the environment calm and relaxing.

16- There are hospital sleeper sofas in all the private rooms and two bedrooms. Please inform the head nurse and accounting department if you wish to use them.

17- Please contact the manager if you have any inquiries during the day and evening all weekdays. You may contact the shift supervisor for any inquiry during weekends.