Laboratory and pathology

10/20/2022 | 160

The laboratory of Dr. Mousavi Hospital, which holds the iso 9001 badges, with the best and most advanced laboratory equipment, is in service to well-respected clients and will provide the specialized and specialized services to the satisfaction of honorable doctors and patients. This laboratory is operating in accordance with the general regulations of the Health Labs Department of the Ministry of Health and Medical Education and the standards of its implementation.

In the hospital laboratory, all clinical and pathological tests are carried out. The features of the laboratory, equipping it with the most modern and equipped devices, performing all kinds of tests, working overnight, and delivering the test result in the shortest possible time. The hospital's central laboratory is 24-hour active and the outpatient admission hours are from 7 to 11 in fasting, which requires no prior booking. Dear patients, they can visit the hospital physicians or other doctors by appointment, without having to take an appointment.