Qualiy Management

10/20/2022 | 106

Quality and safety

​​​​​​​We strive to enhance our quality of service by ensuring all of our team believe in patients' safety, understand how effectiveness and efficiency of treatments could dissolve health problems quickly and prevent many complications to develop, and assuring our team is attentive to all our clients regardless of their different conditions.

Our standards 

  • Effective treatment offering
  • protection of patient safety
  • appreciation of our client's needs and desire
  • appropriateness of service


  • Quality certificate
  • International patient certificate
  • Health and medical certificates

Quality Management ward

Standardization, guarantee, and continuous promotion of clinical and non-clinical service quality are essential in hospitals. In this regard, the Quality Management office of Dr. Mousavi Hospital of Gorgan. in order to focus on continuous improvement of patient safety indicators and quality of healthcare services provided to patients, engaged in activities in the following executive fields:

  • Developing a comprehensive plan for quality improvement of clinical and non-clinical services
  • Selecting a workgroup for the establishment of accreditation standards in the hospital
  • Planning for training and cultural development of accreditation requirements
  • Leading and conducting all clinical and non-clinical units in order to develop performance indicators of quality improvement and a quality improvement plan
  • Editing and reviewing policies of all clinical and non-clinical units
  • Developing and analyzing specialized performance indicators of quality improvement unit
  • Integrating, organizing, and coordinating all related activities of accreditation in clinical and non-clinical units
  • Holding quality improvement committeesand the the and and coordinating with hospital committees
  • Close cooperation with leadership and management committee and executive management team
  • Conducting all clinical non-clinical units in order to provide a danger management plan and reviewing and editing the plan
  • Coordinating nd interacting with director of accreditation department of the university
  • Pursuing and scheduling in order to update hospital documentation