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Dr. Mousavi's hospital imaging unit is located on the ground floor and in the emergency room. In this unit, the following services are provided:

  1. Radiography: Radiography is one of the medical imaging methods that can be used somehow within the human body to help diagnose illness. This imaging is done by X-ray X-ray. In this method, the imaging of the human body is done with the help of digital radiology and fluoroscopy devices, so that the diagnosis of the disease can be faster and more accurate. Using radiology, many problems, including bone fractures, digestive problems, heart disease, etc. can be identified.

2. Sonography: Safe and painless and produces images of the body using sound waves. This type of imaging involves the use of a small transducer (probe) and a gel that is directly applied to the skin. High-frequency sound waves from the probe are transmitted through the gel to the body. An ultrasound examination does not use harmful radiation, so it is not dangerous for the patient. Ultrasound can help diagnose and diagnose a patient's diagnosis and assessment of body damage under different conditions. Also helps doctors with symptoms such as pain, swelling, and infection. This type of imaging is a useful method for examining many internal organs in the body.

3. Mammography: A type of imaging where low-dose X-rays are used for breast examination; in other words, mammography is a set of X-ray images of two-dimensional and black and white. Mammography can detect small abnormalities in the breast tissue at half a centimeter.

Physicians Image Depot:

Dr. Seyed Ali Hosseynikhah

Radiologist and sonography specialist

Dr. Hasan Lorestani

Radiologist and sonography specialist

Dr. Ali Ramezan Ghorbani

Radiologist and sonography specialist